Right, you're done here then?  Here's some links to some other sites that we enjoy.

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URL Description

Fanshawe College's Student Union Homepage

The on-line version of Interrobang -- the college paper in which Super Temps is published -- can be found here.  In the comics section -- under Arts and Entertainment -- you can also find the exclusively-for-Fanshawe comic strip I do called "Alison's Education".

Bruno the Bandit

One of the first web comics that I started to read regularly.  I highly recommend checking out the "Dicing" storyline.  One of High Voltage's favourites.


Another one of the first web comics I read regularly.  Behold the mighty hand puppets of God! Skiv picked this one.

Homestar Runner

Everybody loves the Homestar Runner.  He is a terrific athlete.  Everybody also loves Strong Bad.  He is an okay guy!  No, seriously -- the site's hilarious, has no ads, and usually updates Mondays.  Strong Bad is one of Skull Girl's heroes.. er, villains.

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