Hello, I'm Mr. Evil. And this is a public service message.

So! You've got super-related questions? You need advice? You just want to chat with Skull Girl, Skiv, High Voltage, the Hydromancer or some other cast member? You've come to the right place.

And remember: To throw a car, it's Bumper and Swing. Always BS when you throw a car.


Skiv Email #1



Asking me questions about my past in Scorpio Troubleshooting Services is like asking Sly Stalone about his history in the porn industry. I was young and stupid, okay?  Especially around one miss Amavie Krin. Trust me, I can get a lot done without coffee as long as there's a hot redhead involved.

Ms. Amavie Krin.
Pure trouble.

Red-headed Coffee Girl will rule us all with her powers of java, creamers, sweeteners , and pure hottness.

As a matter of fact, as an energy source hot redheads generate about 1000 times the energy as the equivalent weight in coffee. If a super ever comes out whose talent is both that she is a hot redhead AND has power over coffee, she is going to take over the world. Peroid. Or at least me. I hope.

As far as the pointy haired fool goes... well, it was a job, basically. Ya gotta put coffee in the cup somehow.

You think I've got an ulterior motive for helping little Skully? Crikes, what kind of villainous thug do you take me for? She's a cute kid (don't tell her that it makes her burst into tears) with a lot of potential and she's easy to make fun of. What other motivation would I need to stick around her?

If you're thinking of the obvious -- she's too much of a girl for my tastes. I perfer my women a little worldlier and redder of hair.

As far as Moxy's number goes, you're just brining up that shady past, guy. Don't go there.

-- Skiv



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